Advanced Intermediate English Course (Ingles Intermedio Avanzado)


Advanced Intermediate English Course (Ingles Intermedio Avanzado)


10.00% dcto


Descripción del curso

No hay horarios establecidos, tu te organizas dependiendo del tiempo del que dispongas.

Es para los que dominan los conceptos básicos del lenguaje. Al finalizar, el estudiante será capaz de entender y formar oraciones más complejas y comunicarse en inglés con mayor confianza.


- Vocabulary about classroom and personal objects

- Present continuous (Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative)

- Questions with the verb to be + Ing

- Possessive adjectives

- Verb Have

- Expressions

- Physical description and personality: Verb to be + Like

- And, but and or connectors

- Vocabulary: Adjectives to describe physical appearance and personality

- Prepositions of places

- Regular and irregular plural

- Demonstrative adjectives

- Definite article (The)

- Location of places and buildings

- Prepositions

- There is / Are (Affirmative, interrogative, negative)

- Auxiliaries: Do / Does

- Verbs: I like + Ing, I dislike / Hate + Ing, I prefer + Ing, I love + Ing, I really like /   dislike, I like + Noun

- Object personal pronouns based on direct and indirect object

- Adverbial expressions

- Contrast the present simple with the present continuous

- Frequency adverbs

- Connectors: And, after, after that, but, because, before that, or, then

- Countable and uncountable nouns: Food and drink

- A / An / Some / Any

- How much / How many

- Expressions: Can I have, Ill have, would you like? How much is it?, here you are




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